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Q: How does NanoRain work?

A: NanoRain uses nano-technology (see what we did with the name there?) to break down water particles so that they are small enough to be quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s as simple as that.


Q: Can I put other liquids in there besides water?

A: Due to the nano-technology, anything other than water may cause the filter to get clogged. Many oils or other facial misting liquids have added ingredients to them that are too big to be broken down. Adding these to the NanoRain can cause it to stop working properly.


Q: How do I know when it needs to be charged?

A: When the blue light begins flashing that means it needs to be charged. You may start to notice that the mister isn’t spraying as hard, or that it stops altogether. This could be a sign that it’s time to charge it.

Q: Where is the best place to use it?

A: Anywhere! Whether it’s a hot beach, a dry office, or a long flight NanoRain is perfect to use.


Q: How do I clean it?

A: Flip the device so the water tank is on the bottom and unscrew it. Wash out the water tank with clean water. Do not use soap or other cleaning supplies. Do not soak the product in water. Fill with clean water and put on the tank. You can gently clean the mister with a clean cotton swab too.


Q: When should I use my NanoRain?

A: NanoRain can be used for multiple reasons and situations. It can set makeup and give a dewy complexion. It can hydrate and refresh dry skin. It can be used to cool down or to wake up.

Q: Why has it stopped misting?

A: The NanoRain may have stopped misting for a few reasons. It will automatically stop misting after 60 seconds. Opening and closing it will begin the mist again. It could also be out of battery so try recharging it. Sometimes the nano filter gets clogged too. Shake the NanoRain gently and open it. After a few seconds, it should begin misting again.


Q: Why is my NanoRain leaking?

A: Leaking is most likely a result of the water tank not being screwed tight enough. If the mister has been clogged it can also cause leaking as the water pools instead of spraying. Run clean water through it and swap the mister with a clean cotton swab.

Q: I'm an influencer and I think my audience would love this! Do you have an affilatte/influencer program?

Yes we do! Find out more about our influencer program.


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