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Why You Should Bring Your Lulerain Nanomister To Your Next Music Festival

Why You Should Bring Your Lulerain Nanomister To Your Next Music Festival

With warmer weather finally breaking through this never-ending winter, it's finally time to start thinking about music festivals. Instagram is already flooded with Coachella pictures, and that's only the first of many festivals to come. No doubt you've already planned the perfect outfit, but don't forget to toss your Lulerain Nanomister into your fanny pack! 

Here's why you should absolutely bring your facial misters with you to the next music festival you attend. 


1. It Will Keep You Cool

Look, music festivals are fun but spending a whole day dancing outside under the sun can get pretty hot. Sure you can shell out some money for the overpriced drinks sold at the venue, or you could just whip out your Lulerain and be greeted b the delicious cool mist. 


2. It Doubles As A Phone Charger

Music festivals finally embraced the time we live in by putting in charging stations. These are a life saver, but what happens when you have to choose between charging your phone or seeing an artist you're really excited about? The cool thing about Lulerain is that it doubles as a phone charger so you never have to decide! 


3. It Will Keep You Looking Good

If you've put time, money, and energy into picking the perfect outfit and makeup look, you want it to stay looking good right? Lulerain's fine mist acts like a setting spray. It will keep that glitter in place all day even as you dance your heart out. 

Heres How To Clean Your Lulerain Nano Mister

Heres How To Clean Your Lulerain Nano Mister

A clean nano mister is the key to keeping it running effectively. Lulerain uses nanotechnology to filter the water into a fine mist, but that also means many things are too large to be filtered through and can clog the mister. Luckily, it's super easy and quick to clean them. 


Step 1: Flip It Over

Flip over your Lulerain over so that the water container is on the bottom and the phone charger is on the top. 


Step 2: Unscrew Top and Empty

Once the device is flipped over you can now safely unscrew the water container.  Dump out the old water into a sink. 


Step 3: Rinse Container

Using clean water, rinse out the water container. It's best not to use any soaps unless you absolutely need to. If you do, make sure you thoroughly clean it all off so that no soap particles remain behind to clog the filter. 


Step 4: Run Clean Water

Running some clean water through the device can help too. Just add a few drops and turn on the device. Make sure not to submerge your Lulerain though. You can also take a clean cotton swap damp with fresh water and gently clean the filter on the front. 


Step 5: Fill Up and Go!

Lastly, fill the container up with fresh water as usual and tightly screw it on. Your Lulerain should be clean and runninging perfectly now! If you feel it is still running slowly, make sure it is fully charged. 


3 Unexpected Places To Use Your Lulerain Nano Mister

3 Unexpected Places To Use Your Lulerain Nano Mister

People always remember to bring products to keep them cool and hydrated when they hit the pool or breach. But not everyone thinks of those things when visiting the following places. So make sure you grab your Lulerain next time you hit one of these spots!


1. Amusement Parks

Whether it's Six Flags or Disney, amusement parks are a lot of fun. But they also typically involve standing around for hours under the hot sun. Your Lulerain will keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed as you wait for the next rollercoaster. Plus, if your phone dies from taking all those Instagram pictures you have a charger at the ready!


2. Music Festivals

There are tons of awesome music festivals coming up this summer. And while some have embraced the modern age (and our phone addictions) by putting in charging stations, who wants to miss their favorite artist? With Lulerain you'll stay cool and have a portable phone charger with you so you never miss your favorite set. 


3. Sporting Events

Spring and summer mean a ton of outdoor sporting events. Whether they're professional games or just your little brother's soccer game, they can get hot. Keep the sweating to the players by using your nano mister to keep cool. Although we fully expect you to lose that cool if your team loses.