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Top 5 Uses for Your Nanorain Facial Mister

Top 5 Uses for Your Nanorain Facial Mister

Nano Misters are a great beauty tool, but some people aren’t sure what exactly to use them for. Well, from our own personal experience and from customer reviews, here are the top 5 uses for your Nanorain Facial Mister.


  1. Cool Down 

    Being hot is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, especially when you can’t do anything about it. Luckily, with Lulerain you can. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, stuck in a hot office, or eating spicy food your nano mister can cool you down. Nanorain produces a fine cool mist that just feels delicious when you’re in a hot environment.


    1. Set Makeup

    There are a lot of setting sprays out there that help make your makeup look perfect all day long. But unfortunately, most of them contain chemicals or added ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. Nanorain produces a soft mist that helps set makeup and provides a dewy glow that can compete against any highlighter, and the best part is its 100% water. This means you don’t have to worry about any skin irritations or possible reactions from any chemicals like you would with other setting sprays.


    1. Wake Up and Feel Refreshed

    Ever hit a slump during the day where you just feel so tired and worn down? Whether it’s after a long day in the office or a tiring trip, the cool mist from Nanorain will make you feel incredibly refreshed and awake. Give yourself a quick mist next time you’re struggling to keep your eyes open.


    1. Set Lashes

    Long, luscious lashes are something every girl wants. And when people aren’t able to grow them they turn to eyelash extensions, but unfortunately, lash extensions come with their own struggles. Anyone who has gotten them knows the pain of impatient waiting for them to set while also dealing with red eyes and irritation. Nano misters are perfect for this situation because not only do they help curate eyelash glue faster, the mist also soothes and reduces redness and discomfort.


    1. Hydrate Skin

    Dry skin is something that most people have struggled with at some point. Natural dryness, harsh winter air, and dry artificially heating all contribute to this problem. Nano misters can help solve this issue though. Nanorain uses nano-technology to break water particles down until they’re small enough to quickly be absorbed by the skin, instantly rehydrating it. Other mists and sprays don’t produce a fine enough mist, so the water sits on the skin not being absorbed causing more dryness. If you feel your skin needs some hydration, reach for your Lulerain.