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Heres How To Clean Your Lulerain Nano Mister

Heres How To Clean Your Lulerain Nano Mister

A clean nano mister is the key to keeping it running effectively. Lulerain uses nanotechnology to filter the water into a fine mist, but that also means many things are too large to be filtered through and can clog the mister. Luckily, it's super easy and quick to clean them. 


Step 1: Flip It Over

Flip over your Lulerain over so that the water container is on the bottom and the phone charger is on the top. 


Step 2: Unscrew Top and Empty

Once the device is flipped over you can now safely unscrew the water container.  Dump out the old water into a sink. 


Step 3: Rinse Container

Using clean water, rinse out the water container. It's best not to use any soaps unless you absolutely need to. If you do, make sure you thoroughly clean it all off so that no soap particles remain behind to clog the filter. 


Step 4: Run Clean Water

Running some clean water through the device can help too. Just add a few drops and turn on the device. Make sure not to submerge your Lulerain though. You can also take a clean cotton swap damp with fresh water and gently clean the filter on the front. 


Step 5: Fill Up and Go!

Lastly, fill the container up with fresh water as usual and tightly screw it on. Your Lulerain should be clean and runninging perfectly now! If you feel it is still running slowly, make sure it is fully charged.